PyRaysum is a Python wrapper around the Fortran software Raysum, originally developed by Andrew Frederiksen in collaboration with Michael Bostock. This program generates sets of ray-theoretical seismograms for an incident plane wave (teleseismic approximation) for models consisting of a stack of layers with planar (but possibly non-parallel and dipping) interfaces, allowing the flexibility of adding seismic anisotropy in the layers. Incident P and S waves are supported. The code include methods to process the synthetic seismograms for receiver function calculation and for plotting.

PyRaysum is bundled with a trimmed version of the original Fortran software and provides a script to compile and install Raysum, as well as functions to interact with the software and generate plots of models and seismograms. Common computational workflows are covered in the Jupyter notebooks bundled with this package.

https://github.com/paudetseis/PyRaysum/workflows/Build/badge.svg https://codecov.io/gh/paudetseis/PyRaysum/branch/main/graph/badge.svg

Getting Started