SplitPy is a teleseismic shear-wave (SKS) Splitting Toolbox based on the Matlab Tool SplitLab, developed by Wustefeld et al (2008).

The software is bundled with executable Python scripts that enable teleseismic shear-wave splitting analysis in two different modes:

  1. Automated processing where waveforms are downloaded and analyzed using default parameters (split_calc_auto.py).

  2. Manual processing where picking window can be refined (split_calc_manual.py).

Once the splitting analysis has been done, the results can be aggregated to produce averaged splitting parameters and plotted (split_average.py). The tutorials below show an example using data from one station of the USArray Transportable Array network.


The software SplitPy uses a StDb database for processing. Check out StDb for more details. An example is shown in the tutorials.

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