SplitPy is a teleseismic shear-wave (SKS) Splitting Toolbox based on the Matlab Tool SplitLab, developed by Wustefeld et al (2008).

The software is bundled with executable Python scripts that enable SKS splitting analysis in two different environments:

  1. On-the-fly processing where waveforms are downloaded and analyzed for SKS splitting (SKS splitting on the fly).

  2. Offline processing where waveforms are first downloaded and saved to disk (SKS data preparation), and later processed offline (SKS splitting offline).

Once the splitting analysis has been done, the results can be aggregated to produce averaged splitting parameters and plotted (Plotting Average results). The tutorials below show an example using data from one station of the USArray Transportable Array network.


The software SplitPy uses a StDb database for processing. Check out StDb for more details. An example is shown in the program SKS splitting on the fly.

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